We’ve all been sold on exercise as a ‘no sweat’ proposition; a little frequent effort is said to produce large benefits. While that’s great if it gets you off the sofa, the truth is it's only the beginning if you want to significantly improve your health and vitality.

Researchers in the US and Norway1 were among the first to distinguish between physical activity and fitness. They found intensity of exercise needs to be vigorous enough to disrupt your body’s resources for improvements to take hold. In particular, they found that high activity was significantly associated with healthy (non-hypertensive) blood pressure – but only when fitness levels were highest.

The researchers went on to explain, “We know that activity is the principle behaviour determinant of fitness, and we know that being more physically active can improve one’s fitness. But the activity needs to be moderate to vigorous to adequately improve fitness and see greater health benefits …”
In short, physical activity matters, but fitness matters more. At BodyTech we’ve always known that effective exercise relies on high-intensity training and quality supervision. That’s why our members are rewarded with more strength, more endurance, more flexibility and more leanness in just three 30-minute workouts a week. And that’s the truth.

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