Your body composition plays a significant role in your metabolism.

Muscles have a large capillary system chiefly to meet their daily metabolic processes and to supply the high level of nutrients they need to function. This means that kg for kg muscles burn more calories than fat. It’s been estimated that your body burns approximately 13.2 calories per day to maintain around 1kg of its muscle, compared to only 4.4 calories per day for fat. So muscle at rest is 3x more metabolically active than the same amount of fat.

But it gets even better!

You can actually pump up your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) to an even greater extent through properly performed whole body strength training - the method of training we’ve provided for our members over the past 20 years.

According to several classic research studiesi, strength-trained muscle requires even more calories at rest all day long. In other words, muscles that are subjected to properly performed strength training have an elevating effect on muscle tissue metabolism by an additional 3.5 calories per 1kg of muscle. In other words, by strength training you have the potential to increase the number of calories required to meet your metabolic processes at rest – from 13.2 calories to 16.5 calories per kg of muscle. Multiplied by all of your trained muscle, this means an additional 115 to 125 calories burned per day for an average-size man and woman!

The good news is that this raise in resting metabolism can be achieved through highly supervised, whole body circuit strength training or similar that takes only 30 minutes or less, two to three times per week. And that’s the truth.

i Campbell et al., Tuft’s University, Pratley et al., University of Maryland