Why are we so committed to delivering supervised strength training to our members? Because we’ve always known it makes the difference between achieving or not the promises of a properly performed strength training programme. And now, a new study* from a team of researchers at Southampton Solent University in the UK has proven it - scientifically.

In reviewing the benefits of strength training for older adults they summarised their results by saying that 6-months of supervised resistance training was “… effective in improving strength, body composition, function, and wellbeing in older adults”. 

But here’s the really interesting bit.

Following the 6-month supervised training intervention, the subjects had the option of either continuing the training programme on their own, without supervision (in the same facility using the same equipment and protocol) or discontinuing training all together. Both groups were assessed again after an additional 6-months. Surprisingly, the subjects who continued to strength train for an additional 6 months but without supervision lost strength at the same rate as the subjects who no longer strength trained.

So this study adds to the ever-growing body of literature suggesting that direct supervision is likely the most important variable of a strength training programme. And that’s the truth.

*The effects of 6 months of progressive high effort resistance training methods upon strength, body composition, function, and wellbeing of elderly adults. James Steele, Kristin Raubold, Wolfgang Kemmler, James Fisher, Paulo Gentil, Jürgen Giessing.