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Covid-19 FAQs


What are you doing to keep me safe when you reopen at Level 2?

We have a thorough Health and Safety plan managed by the leadership teams. All staff will be trained on the processes and protocols. Our risk mitigation strategy follows all NZ Government guidelines, while also considering the unique risks associated within an exercise environment.

Modified Hierarchy of Controls

We are prioritising the Hierarchy of Controls, using the modified version for Covid-19 above. The mitigation measures include:

  • Physical distancing – reducing the contact between people by maintaining a 2-metre distance between members and visitors. This will be managed by floor markings, layout of equipment, managing bottlenecks and traffic flow and having clear rules for correct physical distancing to reduce interaction
  • Engineering controls – disabling the steam rooms and saunas, water coolers and fans. Shutting down the locker rooms and showers. The toilets will remain open
  • Administrative – strict entry criteria and entry process, contact tracing protocols, signage throughout the gym
  • PPE & Cleaning – mandatory face masks for staff and members when NOT exercising, full sanitise/deep cleaning every day, on the spot cleaning using hospital grade disinfectant, and implementing protocols for members’ cleaning of shared equipment.

Where do you get your recommendations for your health and safety protocols?

Our information comes from the most up-to-date framework by The Exercise Association of NZ. The Exercise Association of NZ is a non-profit membership-based body that represents some 550+ exercise facilities (gyms, recreation facilities, yoga studios etc.) as well as managing the registration of 3,500+ exercise professionals. The collective membership represents over 75% of both exercise providers and exercise professionals in NZ.

The framework provides evidence-based solutions and recommendations to the unique environments of an exercise setting, operating within a Covid-19 environment.Protocols are underpinned by the latest scientific and academic literature. The content of the framework continues to be updated regularly to reflect the latest research advice and Government rules.

The framework identifies the unique and/or increased risks related to Covid-19 within an exercise setting, and provides stringent and specific protocols to manage these. The recommended protocols and practices meet all Government general principles and guidelines to operate at Level2, while also considering the unique environment and challenges of an exercise setting. Specifically,the framework contains recommendations that exceed many government Level 2 guidelines, asthose guidelines are designed for the general case, and this framework is specifically for use within exercise settings.

Will you be instituting a no jab, no entry policy?

Under New Zealand’s Bill of Rights Act 1990, we can’t currently insist that our employees are vaccinated against Covid-19. Therefore, we won’t require members to be vaccinated as we cannot guarantee that all employees are. All BodyTech employees will, however, be following all Level 2 protocols as outlined above in order to keep them and you safe.

My membership in Level 3 and Level 4

What is happening with my membership?

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 lockdown period, memberships have been suspended from 25th August.

What happens to the payment I made in advance prior to all memberships being suspended?

If you paid for a period in advance, please be assured your membership will be adjusted to reflect the lockdown dates that fell within your advance payment period. We will also extend the end date of your membership.

How does this Covid suspension effect my billing/payment date?

This Covid suspension will change your billing/payment date and, consequently, if this new date is not your preference or you have any other questions pertaining to the above, please contact and we will make any necessary changes or assist you with further information.

What happens to my membership if it was already suspended prior to lockdown?

If you were on a suspension arranged prior to lockdown it will continue when we re-open unaffected by the Covid lockdown period.

Will the Covid suspension affect my suspension entitlement moving forward?

The lockdown pause on your membership will not affect your suspension entitlements as per T&Cs.

How does the lockdown affect my one-month trial membership, Reformer Workshop, Fat2Muscle?

One Month Trial: If you were on a One Month Trial, we will start it over again as if it was your first day - no questions asked. Your new start date will be the first day you return to the gym.

Reformer Workshops: Any classes missed from your prepaid Reformer Workshops will be credited to your account.

Fat-2-Muscle: Any sessions booked and missed will be rebooked once we reopen at Level 2 or from the date you return to the gym.

Level 2 memberships

What happens to my membership fees when the club re-opens at Level 2?

Your membership fees will recommence 7 days after we open our doors again. We will notify you of this date once we are advised by the Government of the shift in Alert Levels.

What happens to my membership if I don’t feel safe or am not able to return to the gym at Level 2?

If you are unable to return to the gym at Level 2 or don’t feel safe, you may request an extension on your suspension. Please contact

Level 2 – Returning to the gym

What are the conditions of entering the gym at Level 2?

The conditions of entry are: 

No entry to persons with any of the following:

  • currently exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (e.g. cold and flu like symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, nausea, sneezing/runny nose or loss of sense of smell) 
  • currently in quarantine or isolation as required by the NZ Government
  • knowingly been recently (in the last 14 days) exposed to a person with Covid-19.


Contact tracing

  • All members must use their BodyTech membership barcode at check-in as well as scanning the NZ COVID-19 QR code
  • All visitors (non-members) must either scan the NZ Covid-19 QR code or manually fill in the Covid-19 Tracer sign-in-form at reception.


Masks and physical distancing

  • You must always wear a mask other than when exercising. This means wearing a mask when walking from the covered car park building, entering the facility at reception and walking between the reception area, gym and Yoga Studio.
  • To the best of your ability maintain a 2-metre distance from others
  • Consider your breathing direction - breathe away from others.


Have with you:

  • Mask – please have one on as you enter
  • Your BodyTech barcode – so you can scan upon entry
  • Filled water bottle to stay hydrated as the water fountains will be turned off. Water will be sold.


Upon entry you must agree to follow hygiene practices:

  • Use the hand sanitiser at dedicated sanitiser stations especially upon entry
  • Sanitize hands before picking up any of the free weights (highly recommended)
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use with the spray bottles provided – this includes dumbbells, machine weights, cardio equipment and any other shared equipment.

COVID-19 health questions before entering:

When you scan your barcode coming into the BodyTech you’ll be confirming your agreement to these Conditions of Entry and COVID-19 health questions. You’ll also be confirming that you will abide by all health and safety procedures and protocols. 

  1. You do not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, nausea vomiting, sneezing/runny nose or loss of sense of smell) 
  2. You do not have COVID-19 nor are you awaiting the results from being tested for COVID-19 
  3. You have not been in contact with any known or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days 
  4. You have not returned, or been in contact with anyone else who has returned, from overseas in the past 14 days 

Do I need to wear a mask at all times?

You will be required to wear a mask at all times other than when you are exercising. This follows Exercise NZ’s protocols based on the Governments new Covid-19 Level 2 guidelines.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please wear you mask and bring a sweat towel, a filled water bottle, your barcode and phone for scanning one of the Covid-19 QR codes as you enter the facility.

What if I don’t have a mask, barcode or sweat towel with me?

We will have disposable masks available, however we do ask you make a conscious effort to arrive wearing one. If you have a lost or broken barcode, ask reception and we can allocate a new one. Sorry, no sweat towel, no workout.

Will the change rooms be available?

As per the above Hierarchy of Controls, the change rooms will be closed as part of our risk mitigation plan. We are unable to manage the appropriate physical distancing and regular cleaning of high touch surfaces in this area. Toilets and handbasins will be available.

Will the sauna and steam rooms be available?

As per the above Hierarchy of Controls the saunas and steam rooms will be closed as part of our risk mitigation plan. With Covid-19 known to sit on surfaces and transfer through the air, we are following Exercise NZ and Ministry of Health guidelines and being extra cautious to minimise its potential spread.

What can I expect when coming back?

Entering the facility may take longer as we manage the 2-metre physical distancing and scanning in at reception. Please be patient with our team, hopefully it won’t take too long as they move you through safely following all protocols. There might also be a longer wait time on X Force at busier times as we manage the physical distancing requirements, as well as the cleaning of the machines between members. You may find some pieces of equipment are not available or have been moved. This is due to creating more space on the gym floor or because the equipment cannot be cleaned as required.

What is the limit of members in the gym at one time in Level 2?

The limit of 50 or 100 does not apply to Exercise Facilities. The capacity is based on safe physical distancing (i.e., how many can be within the space while maintaining the appropriate physical distance). The Government guidelines require a 2-metre distance between people at all times, with common sense being applied to momentary movement past others.

Will you have additional cleaning at Level 2?

Yes. Along with our regular cleaning protocols we will be increasing the cleaning all equipment and common touch points throughout the facility with hospital grade disinfectant. Spot cleaning will happen frequently each day.  Full sanitise/deep clean will happen at the end of each day when all equipment will be sprayed with another hospital grade disinfectant.  We will also be asking all members to clean down equipment before and after use.

Will there be sanitiser in the gym for members to use?

Yes, there will be sanitising stations throughout the facility. We will encourage members to use the sanitiser as well as follow the Ministry of Health’s recommendation to wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

How will you let members know about what is expected from them at Level 2?

We will have signage around the gym, physical distancing markings on the floor around the gym and in the studio. Our staff are all trained on the protocols and will be helping with any questions you may have.

Do you have a summary of the above?

Below is summary of common roles and activites, along with recommended distancing, PPE and cleaning protocols.


Distancing Recommendation


Cleaning Considerations

Group activities 2 metres for both attendees and staff during activities Not required by either staff or customers when exercising.
Required by staff when demonstrating but not taking part.
Sanitise all shared items before each use by a different person
Personal Training (including circuit type activities and small group training) 2 metres physical distancing advised, 1 metre with mask for short periods Masks required by trainer not by customer (not by trainer when exercising) No shared touching of items (including spotting). No boxing pad work where PT hold pads
Reception 2 metres with staff & customers when both masked, and 2 metres between customers. 1 metre between staff at all times Masks required by staff and customer Watch for shared items with customers (pens, paper etc).
Contactless payment recommended
Gym Floor 2 metres spacing for equipment Masks required while not exercising for customer. Masks required for staff Communicate cleaning protocols for shared items. Regular spot cleaning and policing of member cleaning
Outdoor 2 metres including when queuing outdoors. Limit 100 including instructor and spectators Masks not required outdoors Watch for interaction with non-clients and touching non sanitised items
All other locations (e.g. changing rooms, walking between exercise spaces, waiting areas) 2 metres Masks required by customer and staff interacting with customers  


Level 2 – Gym floor and studios

What will happen with Small Group Classes at Level 2?

Bravo, Strike and Ride will not be running due to physical distancing in a small, confined area. Yoga and Pilates will go ahead with reduced numbers. The studio floor will be clearly marked for mats to be spaced at the 2-metre distance required.

Will the class timetable be the same?

To avoid bottlenecking and manage the flow of people in and out of the studio, all classes will be at least 15 minutes apart.

Do I have to bring my own mat?

Yes, we ask you bring your own mat as we will not be providing them or any props during Level 2.

Will X-Force be operating?

Yes! X-Force will be operating maintaining a 1 machine gap between clients. Staff will wipe down the handles and any high-risk areas between clients.

Will there be a longer wait time for X-Force workouts?

Yes, it may take longer to get onto X-Force due to the extra spacing and cleaning required between each member. We will endeavour to keep the flow seamless so your workouts are still amazing!

What distance will be required between trainers and members while training?

Physical distancing of 1-metre will be maintained and the trainers will wear masks. Where trainers have to be in close proximity to the client being trained (e.g. to help with form and safety) time will be kept to a minimum and trainers will consider breathing direction. There will be no hands on assistance.

Can members spot each other?

No. Activities that include touching between individuals outside of their bubbles even with masks on will not be allowed. This includes spotting, padwork, stretching etc.

Will there be any equipment not available in Level 2?

There will be no grips, medicine balls, Swissballs, foam rollers etc available in Level 2. There will be reduced access to cardio equipment (approximately 50%) and some of the weight machines will be unavailable. This is to create adequate space between machines to maintain physical distancing and also taking into consideration breathing direction.

What services will not be available?

We will not be offering Fit 3D Scans or Programme Discussions  during Level 2.

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